Audio Visual

Vince Ousley, Mando Garza, Tim Watkins

Making the person(s) up front audible and keeping up with the visual effects on the screen up front is a main component of this ministry.  We record the sermons for those people who were out of town or shut-in and want to keep up with what is going on in the assembly.   How do you know if an Audio Visual ministry has done its job?  You were able to hear and see clearly what was going on.  The goal of this ministry is to be invisible, but what is done in this ministry is hugely important.  Knowing how to run a soundboard so that there are no feedback issues and everything is understood is of vital importance in this ministry.


If you have experience with soundboards, computers, video cameras, and are looking for a place to serve, this may just be your ticket. Ask one of the Elders.

  April 2021  
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